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Web Development

We offer web development services to create fit for purpose systems for any business in any sector. Flash-Ads have extensive experience in developing robust, flexible web based systems initially specializing in the insurance sector in 2006 to cover a wide range of market sectors, developing a comprehensive portfolio of systems and satisfied clients.

Flash-Ads have a team of professional commercially experienced web developers who are fluent in a range of current technologies with years of commercial experience in the field of Web Development.

Our developers are experienced in developing object oriented OOP programming using a wide range of languages and tools. For development projects we prefer PHP for server side development. Utilising industry standard MVC frameworks such as CodeIgnitor & Symfony2.

MVC Frameworks – CodeIginter – Symfony2

We are also experienced in developing and maintaining commercial systems using alternative technologies including ASP.NET and Java, ensuring that we are flexible enough to cater for any requirements our clients may have for web development projects.

Due to confidentiality agreements we are not always permitted to promote systems we have built for clients.

All of our web based systems are complimented by intuitive front ends developed with accessibility and usability in mind at all times. Our front end development is presented in valid XHTML and CSS with effective interface and logo designs.

We build from ground up from clients brief.