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Multi-Channel Marketing

Marketing your website online has changed

Before we had Social Media or You Tube videos, review sites, you only had a few options to reach your target audience.

Online you only had - Organic Search Results - PPC Adwords - Banner advertising. If you didn’t want to invest in paid advertising then you engaged with an SEO company to ‘push’ your site up the organic ranking search results with the goal being first page results this was called SEO, Search Engine Optimisation.

Google has changed to make certain practices engaged by SEO companies to be ineffective and in some cases positively damaging to the health of your website.

The time when you could guarantee first page ranking organically are long gone. Certain SEO practices could easily damage your websites ranking and possibly see your site penalised at best or at worst delisted.

  • Has your website ranking dropped recently?
  • Traffic figures reduced?
  • Used a SEO company in the past or still paying one?
  • Disappeared from the top 50?

It could be that your website is suffering from a bad case of Adverse SEOItus where your previous SEO company has given your site an illness that Google does not like and has dropped your sites ranking.

SEO was once based upon a continual stream of content and links on third party sites. Times have changed as Google has made on-going algorithm changes in the past 24 months to identify potentially artificial link building practices and quality score content created deliberately to boost keyword density and to neutralise certain SEO practices.

From the outset of the commercial success of the internet and commercial gain for those sites who could attain first page positioning Google has strove to counter practices by SEO companies and webmasters who sought to manipulate the search results for their clients.

From hidden text, keyword stuffing, meta descriptions and title tags, gateway sites, over optimised content, link farms, fake link pages on non-relevant sites created specifically to populate with articles and links for clients sites. These are just a few of the practices over the years employed by SEO companies to hopefully boost a client’s content density and link popularity within the web community to ‘trick’ Google’s indexing and to falsify a sites importance.

Google does not want to see loads of poor quality content written by copy writers who have no real involvement of your business or understanding of your business produced far away for pennies.

Google does not want to see hundreds of external links on sites that are of poor quality, little relevancy to your business and merely there for volume sake to try to boost your sites link popularity score.

These activities are no longer appropriate and will not help your ranking in fact they may well have the reverse affect and have a negative impact on your websites health and ranking.

So how can you improve your search results exposure and ranking

The Way Forward

Multi-Channel Marketing – What is it?

There are numerous channels to communicate with your client

What Has Changed

Smartphones & Tablets – Internet Access on the move
The meteoric growth in the use of Social Media and Smartphones / Tablets using touch screen technology has changed the way people access the web and has impacted upon how search engines deliver results.

Consumer Research
Shopping and consumer research is now more likely to be carried out on a mobile device outside of the office and static pc.

App development and ease of use for touch screen technology has empowered consumers to use mobile devices to short cut and cut out search engines altogether and go straight to the product provider.

Mobile Money
The most recent advancement is mobile payment via your smartphone whilst this is still in its infancy this will grow as consumers gain confidence in its use and ease of payment to other smartphone users as well as retailers.

Trust & Review Sites
Because consumers do not trust what is published on your website as your naturally going to say you’re the best at what you do, consumers now seek third party published testimonials and reviews by actual customers on review sites as well as on social media We have seen a growth in third party review sites such as:

The construction sector has seen rating review sites such as:

If you want to an online reputation then it would be expected you have a presence on such sites.

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